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For workplaces people are proud to be a part of

Keepy lets you impact your workplace culture.

Drive better collaboration between working teams and management and address issues that matter to employees most. 

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Actively improve your workplace

Maintaining reasonable work-life balance, transparency and recognition are what your team needs to lead the company to the new heights.

Ensures continuous workplace improvement of your workplace by using micro surveys tailored to you and insights from the data you have already seen in the working tools.

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For Employees By Employees

After years of working in development teams (and managing some 🙃), we know that employees are the ones who truly understand, feel, and drive an organization's culture and work environment.

we developed a solution that creates a comfortable environment for employees to take part in reaching a healthy and nurturing workplace.

Protecting employees privacy

Not overloading with long surveys

Letting the voice of every employee be heard

Trusted by

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